Shifting your Business Model: How to Rental

Shifting your Business Model: How to Rental

How can your company implement a rental business model?

While the concept of renting is anything but new, recent years have seen an expansion of products traditionally bought and kept by consumers now available for rent. From formal wear to scooters to furniture, rental products promote access over ownership, providing consumers with an often easier and cheaper alternative to purchasing something outright. In return, rental models allow companies to extend their customer relationship from one-off products to long term service. This paradigm shift requires businesses to evolve in numerous ways, shifting internal operations and financial models alongside external value propositions, communications strategies and sales tactics. Hear from companies at the forefront of the new and improved rental industry as they discuss the benefits, challenges and best-practices for building a successful rental business model.


  • Hélène Smits, Initiator and Lead, Circle Textiles Program, Circle Economy
  • Gustav Hedström, Business Developer, Houdini Sportswear
  • Amy Kang, Director of Product Platform Systems, CaaStle

Holly Secon
Mon, 09/14/2020 – 23:22