Policy for a Circular Economy: Part 2

Policy for a Circular Economy: Part 2

How should diverse corporate stakeholders —such as brands and packaging producers — help shape the U.S. policy landscape around plastics, recycling and solid waste management?

This two part policy session, organized in collaboration with the The Recycling Partnership, will focus on the role that brand and packaging producers can play in forging a stronger policy environment in the U.S. to create more circular outcomes. The steady growth of public attention around plastics and packaging has led to a revitalized policy focus in the U.S. on recycling and solid waste management in 2020. Historically, brands and packaging producers have played an antagonistic role in the U.S. packaging policy landscape. However, the emergence of a circular economy opportunity and the urgency of science-based action are creating the conditions for value chain engagement and collective participation in the policymaking process.


  • Elizabeth Biser, VP Policy & Public Affairs, The Recycling Partnership
  • Nicole Collier, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, Nestlé
  • Dylan de Thomas, VP of Industry Collaboration, The Recycling Partnership
  • Missy Owens, Director, Government Relations, Federal & Diplomatic, Coca-Cola 

Holly Secon
Mon, 09/14/2020 – 23:59